1. What is Coooeee?

Coooeee is a location sharing mobile application that runs on Android and Apple i-OS platforms. Coooeee can be used to share the location of mobiles (of friends and family) as well as GPS trackers (e.g., pet tracking GPS device).

2. How does Coooeee work?

i-Phones and Android mobiles have in-built GPS capabilities. Coooeee will use these facilities to understand the current location of the device and will transmit the details to a web server. Other device such as GPS trackers will have to be configured using a set of simple steps to transmit the GPS updates to the web server. Coooeee will then interact with the web server to gather the details of various devices and will display only the relevant content to the user.

3. What do I need to run Coooeee?

Coooeee can run on any mobile device running on Android OS 2.3 or higher or i-OS 4.x or higher. The device should additionally be connected to the Internet.

4. Is it free?

You do not have to pay a thing, neither for the Coooeee app nor for the membership. Exclusive premium features can later on be added for a small fee .

5. Does Coooeee work outside UK?

Absolutely! Coooeee can work anywhere in the world provided your mobile has Internet Connectivity.

6. How frequently does Coooeee send location updates?

It is totally up to you! You can set your Coooeee preferences to send location updates every second or every minute or whatever frequency that you prefer.

8. Will all my friends receive my location updates?

Depending on your privacy settings and current mode, Coooeee may send the updates to all, few or none of your friends.

13. Should I register again to install Coooeee on a second mobile?

Absolutely no! After installing Coooeee on your second mobile, you can log in to Coooeee using your existing logon credentials.

24. I cannot find the solution to my problem in the FAQs, what do I do?

Please send us an email to support@coooeee.com with a description of your problem that is as detailed as possible – we are happy to help!

25. I have a few cool ideas for Coooeee – what should I do?

Your feedback is most valuable to us. Please send in your comments to feedback@coooeee.com and if it is approved by our technical panel, we will take it up for our next release.

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